We offer monthly analytics for your website, social media, reach metrics providing insights and a clear recommendation of what you should do next. We will also provide a relative tracking report of how your activity is performing vs the competition. 

The Benefit: The value to you is assistance in tracking and improving your marketing engagement and competitiveness across all your digital real estate. 


Social Media Management

We can manage social media channels. This may include designing and setting up site profiles, sourcing that content and developing your own personalised content calendar.

The Benefit: The key here is expanding your own media. We will deliver you a higher and more consistent level of presence and engagement on the most relevant social media for your business. We will help to keep your business visible with current customers and help them to promote you to other potential customers.


Content Creation

We can develop a content plan for your business. This includes creating original web and video content and distribute it so the maximum number of people see it.

The Benefit: This will increase your business's credibility.  Branded content done right will help more potential customers better discover your business on the web. 


LinkedIn Marketing

Most business to business and professional service firms rely heavily on their contacts and referrals to win new clients.  LinkedIn is a highly underutilised marketing channel.  We provide LinkedIn services to help these companies increase potential new and repeat business.

The Benefit: Leverage and increase your engagement and contact with connections and potential new clients.



Advertising Plans


We will build a clear strategy and plan to maximise foot traffic and increase sales leads through video, social and display digital advertising.  This includes the media approach, the ads, testing, campaign analysis and monitoring (weekly). 

The Benefit: Highly focused plans which are designed for short term lifts in customer traffic. 



Email Marketing


Website build & Mgmt


We offer a service to manage a newsletter program.  This includes design, copy, list management and analytics. 

The Benefit: We are able to take the work away from you plus offer tracking on performance. 






The Digital Café tailor our web build services to suit each client.

Any and all content that we create for a client is theirs to use as they wish both during and following our working relationship.  

Any software used for the creation of websites or promotional use is used by license purchased by The Digital Cafe from third parties under their terms and conditions, these are not transferable beyond the life of our working with clients.