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Your business is doing well, but you know it could be better


Visit The Digital Café to get an outside perspective of your current marketing

The Digital Cafe offers smart, cost effective and customised marketing solutions. We bring proven marketing expertise.

Our starting point is to ensure clients leverage and expand their social media footprint. Over 75% of businesses are under performing in social media. Facebook’s recent changes to their algorithm have heavily impacted a business’ ability to reach prospects. High engaged, personalized content will improve its performance.

We track and analyse the effectiveness of every single page, post or ad we publish for every client.

Advertising not done well is costly

If you are going to spend valuable dollars on advertising, then it needs to bring in more customers through the doors or more interest from prospects. Developing a very clear strategy of how that advertising needs to work and what you measure is critical. If you’re not transfixed on those two things, then you're wasting money. No client of ours will ever be put in that situation.


Why it makes sense to outsource your marketing

You may well question why hire an outside company to help with your marketing efforts?

"Ad agencies are expensive"

They are, but The Digital Cafe isn't a traditional ad agency.  Our unique product model doesn’t contain the expensive overheads that get built into our fees. We incorporate smart technology combined with top experienced agency strategists and young digital natives to give us economies of scale. This makes our service far more competitive in costs compared to any full service or digital ad agency. 

"No one knows your business better than you"

That's true, but few business owners know marketing and media like we do. The media world has changed dramatically and continues to shift. Your customers aren't flicking through the Yellow Pages any more. They're now not as tuned in to television and radio commercials like they used to. Instead they're online and on their phones and you need to be where they are.

"You or one of your staff can manage your Facebook page and book a Google campaign yourself"

Yes you can. But it's our belief that marketing shouldn't be a part-time job. Servicing your customers should be your staff's priority. Getting more clients and customers is too important. Tap into our specialists that are better placed to develop an effective digital marketing plan and to make that plan happen.


Consumer media use has shifted to digital

New Zealanders spend an average of 14 hours online each week.

58% of online activity is now either on a tablet or smartphone.

Half of all Kiwis watch online video content each week, and they view an average of 7.3 hours per week.

Under-45 year olds are more than twice as likely as someone over 54 years old to watch video online.

Over half of the NZ Herald's readership is now online.

Over half of New Zealanders check out Facebook every day.

What does this mean to your business?

We all know that print, radio and television advertising just isn't as effective as it used to be. 

Many enterprises have fallen behind when it comes to employing digital.

They don't have an army of agency staff and technicians that the big national advertisers are able to employ to advise them on digital marketing.

Simply setting up a website and a Facebook page isn't a formula for a successful marketing strategy.

Digital media is becoming too complex and difficult to navigate for most companies. This can and often leads to advertisers overspending, mis-targeting, wasted efforts and ineffective ads.