Here's what some clients said about us ...

Warren Bird CEO, HECS Aquatic

At HECS Aquatic we’ve developed wetsuits with technology that enables a diver to get much closer to marine life. The Digital Café help us to market our product globally.  They have advised us on designing our online store, social media, content, search and email marketing.  In just under 18 months our sales are taking off, and we are on target to double sales over the next 18 months.



Andrew Parkin Managing Director, Genoese Foods

The Digital Café developed a social media video campaign for the launch of our Drizzle Pesto. The video campaign reached over 300,000 of our core target customers.  Store distribution and unit sales were 40% above target; and sales across our entire product range that we didn’t advertise were up versus the previous year sales period both during and after the marketing campaign ran.  

Amanda Holland Business Owner, Small Acorns

Antony encouraged me to run a digital advertising campaign to support Mother's Day sales and I'm glad he did. Our sales for the two weeks leading into Mother's Day were up 37% versus the prior year and we got an return of $20 incremental sales for every dollar we spent on advertising.

Geoff Glynan Director of Architecture HDT

We are working with The Digital Cafe to manage our social media and content marketing. They proposed Pinterest and our presence increased 15 fold since they took it over. We look forward to seeing how their content plan drives new clients for us.